Best Programming Languages To Learn For A Beginner

If you wish to learn a programming language as a beginner then you go into dilemma. Because there are different types of programming languages to learn as an amateur. It is important for the beginner programmer to begin from the basics and then go into deep programming knowledge. A programming language is a unique and special language which is learnt by the programmers for developing the programs of software through coding. A programming language is in the form of code of instructions for style and layout formatting within the file of text. On the web, you might different choices for learning the programming languages and which are better to learn. When you go through some list of programming languages and do thorough research, you might find best for learning to a beginner.

Let’s look at the programming languages which a novice programmer can learn.


It is a support language for the software developers and it is the programming language which is general purpose. It is utilized in machine learning, data mining, and scientific computing. The advanced development of machine learning has been increasing the people to learn the python language.

For beginner, this language is simple and easy to learn. It is a flexible, open source, and object-oriented programming. With easy coding the beginner programmer can learn less lines of coding.


It is an object-oriented programming which is utilized for over twenty years by many experts and developers. Through java virtual machine, you can run any operating system or hardware. Many of the applications of android are based on Java. This is built for creating class platform application and for portability. It can allow the beginner to know how a personal computer processes the data from one system to another system. For ensuring a solid foundation, many of the developers suggest java for the amateurs.


This is a client-side scripting language which syntax is similar to the c language. It is utilized for the development of front end. It is easy to learn and already famous language. It is almost supported by all of the web browsers.


It is designed by Microsoft and it is an object-oriented programming language. It made development easier and quicker than other programming languages. The combination of both c and c++ is actually this programming language. So, if you know c and c++ then it is easy to learn C#.


The programming language which is done server side is PHP. It is normally utilized for WordPress and other websites content management systems foundation. It is easier to learn so it is novice friendly language. It is heavily specialized for the web, so it mostly used to design the websites.


The general-purpose language and dynamic language which is easy to read is Ruby language. Multi programming paradigms are supported by this language. It is a flexible programming language which is simple to read. It is the easiest language to learn mainly for the beginners. If you wish to deal with back end development then it is better to learn ruby.

So, these are the best programming languages to learn for a beginner to start as a novice programmer to have solid foundation.

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