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What Jobs Are Available for Programmers and What Are Starting Salaries?

Programming may not be the most prestigious jobs due to the complexity of learning the language. The industry is looming with tremendous opportunities and if you want to excel in a career in programming then it’s never too late to start. Programming is a very wide field with diverse specialty. As a beginner you will be able to learn general programming however over time you will get to specialize in a particular field. Depending on the type of field you specialize in the pay varies accordingly. For instance, developers of video games do not get the same salary as database engineers.

Software Programmer

Software programmer is a general term used to refer to software developers, computer programmer, and software engineer and application developer. They all refers to the same job title however in different companies you will find the jobs distinguished. The job description for software programmers entail gathering, designing and implementing feature requirements of a software. Some of the areas where software developers can be employed include finance. Financial systems are the most advanced in the entire world with complete and complex algorithms, statistical analyses as well as tons of data to be processed. When it comes to financial systems speed and security are of great concern with lots of work. Software programmers are also required at all levels of government ranging from grunt work to design and maintenance. If you have expertise in computer network and security then you can even advance to clearance restricted areas.

Mobile Development

In the modern world of smart technology at least 60% of all people around the globe own an internet connected smartphone. The craze of mobile apps and its future is prosperous meaning that there is still job for mobile app developers in the coming future. The industry is still very young and it’s employing tons of developers who have specialized in the field of app development.

When looking for a job as a mobile app developer it might be recommended to keep away from startups. This is due to the risk associated with startups since most of them have failed within the first five years. Games is also another area one can specialize in. like any startup there are a lot of risks involved. You can spend a lot of time developing a game and end up selling even one copy.

Web Development

Web development is a special niche in programming with very different rules. The architecture, language, workflow as well as the concepts tend to overlap for instance business development applications. Of all the other areas of specialty web developers has the highest number of freelancers. If you choose to pursue this particular area then you need to understand that there are diverse areas you can venture in.

One can choose to be a front end developer where you specialize in the development of websites. You will be required to be proficient in JavaScript, HTML and CSS. You need to implement a functionality that makes websites interactive and operable. Websites can be built from scratch or other frameworks like WordPress. Back-end developers on the other hand deal with the actual logic. Back-end developers make use of programming languages like PHP, Python, Ruby and JavaScript. Full-stack developers are responsible for handling all the development process from the front-end to the back-end. One can choose to work as a freelancer or a full time employee. Full-stack developers generally tend to command higher wages.

Database Development

Data is an integral part of any company or software solution. Data is stored in databases. The best database needs to be less complex, achieve optimal performance and ensure that data can be queried and accessed via any program. Databases go hand in hand with web development only that databases are much more complex and require high levels of programming. Databases are also mission critical hence the reason why developers are always in high demand. If you choose to venture into the field of database then there are two distinct types of database you should know.

Sequential query language otherwise known as SQL is a traditional kind of relational database that has been used in computer for several decades. SQL is the language that gives rise to diverse multiple relational databases such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite and PostgreSQL.

NOSQL is a non-relational type of database that offers more flexibility and speed of development. It is scalable and has a less built structure and integrity. Universal SQL method of querying is also lost in the process. It is very popular in mobile and web development and is still in high demand.

How to Find a Programming Job

Picking a career in programming is very easy but that’s just the start. You need to choose and specialize in a particular field. One needs to fully understand the particular field of study they are specializing in as well as several other programming languages. Make yourself available by building a strong portfolio and building relationship with other developers. Programmers are in high demand for a variety of companies, particularly tech startups. Dating apps, fuck buddy apps, and other social app companies are often willing to pay high starting salaries to talented programmers.

Job Description of Computer Programmers

The job description of computer programmers include writing programs in a variety of languages which include Java, C++ and python, Expand and update the existing program, create a test code where an integrated development environment is present and test programs and fix errors.

How to Become a Programmer

Most of the computer programmers that are available today have at least a degree in computer science. However, some employers do not mind hiring workers with associate degree or experience in a particular field. Employers prefer experience learned through internship programs when looking to hire new graduates. In order to keep up with the ever changing technology programmers are encouraged to take continuous learning and attend seminars that are related to computer programming. All computer programmers regardless of the field of specialization get a handsome pay. However, the salaries vary depending on the field of specialization. Nonetheless, you won’t miss an employment opportunity if you choose to pursue a career in computer programming.… Continue Reading

What Are Coding Bootcamps?

A coding bootcamp refers to technical programs that teaches students programming skills. The program basically enables students who have very little proficiency to focus on the most important aspects of coding. Most of the people who learn bootcamp do it for the purpose of transition into a career. Bootcamp basically enables one to learn coding applications at a professional level and this gives them the ability to demonstrate the skills that they possess.

Why is it important?

We live in a world where technology is changing rapidly and it is changing most aspects of our life. In the modern society almost everything is technology driven starting from transportation systems where we have Uber and Lyft, online banking systems like PayPal and Apple rely on technology. Technology has practically changed how we do things. All these changes have been impacted by software applications. For one to play an active role in these changes then you need to learn coding so as to develop applications. Bootcamp is the best alternative in case you want to learn coding in just a few days.

How coding bootcamp works

Coding bootcamps last for several weeks or months. It can even take years depending on the program. However, given the condensed time of training it is highly recommended that these programs are designed with speed and high impact learning.

Conventional computer science training programs takes four years depending on the academic program. The course covers a wide range of topics related to computer science like networking, computing theory and operating systems. Coding bootcamp on the other hand isolates the most relevant skills that are learned in a four year degree program and infuse it with an industry that is relevant.

Coding bootcamp focuses on teaching one the skills that are relevant in the real world. The programs focus on providing intensive skills that will help individuals in the real world. It takes a very short period of time to learn bootcamp as opposed to the traditional training of computer science which takes up to 4 years. This implies that coding bootcamp is ideal for people who wish to obtain their technical skills that will help them become employable and also grasp the technique within a very short period of time.

Coding bootcamp languages

One of the most critical components of web developers is the programming language. There are a lot of programming languages out there and picking the right one is the greatest challenge. One thing you need to understand is that once you get to learn one language, the others will be very easy. Some of the programming languages that are available include ruby, Java script, and python among many other languages. Java script is one of the most common programming languages used in the modern world. Most often you will find developers using java script to develop apps for their front end.


There are a lot of misconceptions that surround bootcamp. One of the misconceptions is that you need to have very good mathematical and science skills. Most people believe that it involves a lot of complex mathematical formulas that will leave you swirling in a vortex of doom. Well coding bootcamp is the opposite of that. It is easy and fun to learn coding bootcamp. Even if your specialty is in another field like finance or teaching. Another misconception with bootcamp is that they are very expensive. Well practically you need to spend for you to earn. Well the cost of studying coding is affordable compared to going for a four year degree course. The wages you get after employment is quite considerable hence making it very cheap.

Most people tend to believe that they can learn bootcamp on their own. After several attempts they hit a wall and realize that we are social beings hence we need each other. Without the support of others learning bootcamp tends to be very hard. Lastly do not be blinded by the thought that coding bootcamp will not benefit you. Once you are fully equipped with the technical skills securing a job will be very easy. For those who intend to be freelance developers then getting clients will not be a problem since you will be providing the best applications. … Continue Reading