1. Carpet cleaning. Carpet is one of the factors that make a home feel more like a home and less like just a place to sleep in.  Carpet covers much of the house and it can give the home its mood, its sense of style and even comfort. During the winter months, it is carpet that saves us from having to walk across those cold tile floors that send chills up and down our bodies. Since carpet is such an important part of our homes and since cleaning it on our own is not the best option, carpet is probably the top element of our sanctuaries that we should have cleaned by a professional service. Cleaning carpets on our own, with store bought chemicals and some plastic scrubbing brushes just won’t get the job done right. You can spend hours and hours working on your carpets and rugs, but you will never be able to get those stains and odors out the way a pro could. Our carpets are almost like members of the family, so treat them right and when it comes time for them to be taken care of, call in people who know just how to take care of carpets and rugs.
  2. Upholstery cleaning. Where does one even begin when it comes to clean his upholstery?  The job of cleaning upholstery is truly out of the realms of the average person’s knowledge. The first problem with upholstery is that there are so many different types of material used in different types of upholstery. There are chairs covered with horse hair and cotton, there are seat covers made of silk and lace and there are couch seats that have nylon coatings above polyester fabric. People who clean upholstery for a living know just what kind of chemicals that should be used with different kinds of materials. The pros know how to identify the materials and they know what treatment best works for different sorts of stains on different superficies. People who work in upholstery also know if the material cannot be adequately cleaned while covering the furniture and how to remove it if special circumstances call for said material to be taken to a shop for any type of specific cleaning process which it may require. When it comes down to cleaning the upholstery, you are not just risking the possibility of destroying the covering, you risk destroying the whole piece of furniture and that just is not worth it.
  3. Tile cleaning. Tile is a special material that requires some special attention. Generally speaking tile is what lines our bathrooms and kitchens, two of the areas of the house that can become the filthiest. Tile has some special cleaning needs just like upholster and carpet because although tile has more resilient surface, the tile is held to the floor with special cement that can be disturbed by certain chemicals. If the wrong chemicals get onto your tile, you can start to see tiles popping up off the floor and then you have the costly obligation of having the tiles reset. Just to make sure your tiles stay in place, better call in the tile cleaning pros.


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